Accomplishments as of Jan 1, 2014:

1.       Publication of a detailed guide to the public about how to implement GI projects on an affordable small scale.

2.       Designed a green infrastructure rack card for public awareness.

3.       Created a map that prioritizes areas most in need of improvement that would be ideal for GI projects within the City of Fairbanks. The map was based on the City’s amount of impervious cover, storm water drain types and runoff to local waterbodies. See below.

Fairbanks Map for GI needs.jpg

4.  Contributed to the publication of "The Chena: Our Living River"  You can find the electronic version of our book here.

5. Constructed three GI demonstration projects at high priority areas in Fairbanks.

6.  Hosted a successful GI tour of Fairbanks during the Midnight Sun Festival.

7. Helped plan and construct a Rain Garden at the Carlson Center.

8. Created a GI Guide Map/Brochure and coordinated a tour of local GI projects.

9.  Hosted GI Workshops.

10. Installed educational signs along the Chena River.

11. Promoted DIY GI projects through instructional YouTube videos and kiosk displays.

12. Coordinated with the Chena Riverfront Commission to educate the Chena River landowners on the Chena River Front master plan.