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What is green map?

The Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using map making as a medium. They support locally-led Green Map projects as they create perspective-changing community ‘portraits’ which act as comprehensive inventories for decision-making and as practical guides for residents and tourists.

Over 500 unique, vibrant Green Maps have published to date, and another 325 are interactive Open Green Maps. Hundreds more have been created in classrooms and workshops by youth and adults. Green Map is the gathering point for both the makers and users of Green Maps, and offers inspiration to everyone interested in a sustainable future.


Green Map went mobile!

Joining the mobile revolution in 2010, Green Map System has two new sustainable living resources - a mobile website designed for all internet-enabled cell phones and the first Green Map iPhone App! Ideal for locals and tourists alike, both feature the beta version of "What's Green Nearby?™" a handy tool for connecting with green resources on the go. You can suggest new sites, too, as you visit them. Simply type into any phone's internet browser for the mobile website, or click for the App (or search Green Map in the Apple Store).



Fairbanks has it's very own GREEN MAP!

Fairbanks Green Map celebrates our region’s progress toward becoming a healthy, sustainable urban environment.  It provides information about Fairbanks' natural, cultural, and “green” daily living resources through print and interactive maps and education outreach activities. We use the icons of the international Green Map® System, a grassroots network active in 65 countries with over 900 projects.



Explore the interactive map. 

                           Discover how YOU can make a difference!


You are invited to volunteer to share add to your community's Green Map and make a major contribution to your home’s healthier, more sustainable future. The Tanana Valley Watershed Association, in partnership with other local agencies, with funding from the Alaska Clean Waters Act created the Fairbanks, Alaska portion of the Green Map. We update the forest canopy cover depicting current conditions along the Chena River (within City limits). We then populated sites of the Fairbanks North Star Burough showing the current condition of gray and green infrastructure in the community.

With unique global icons and adaptable tools, Green Map System has engaged communities worldwide in mapping green living.

Green Maps chart a sustainable future! Explore and get involved.


two ways to add green map points


1. Do it yourself.

  • Go to
  • Allow the website to locate your position.
  • Click the menu button in the top right corner
  • Add the site!

or 2. Let us do it for you!

Email us at with pictures and locations of the green infrastructure.


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Why is Green Infrastructure vs Grey Infrastructure important? How can Green Map help the Fairbanks Community?

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